Thursday, 20 March 2014

The best note taker I've ever used

I went to a conference  today. I spent the day in sessions listening to presentations and taking notes.  I was using Evernote and my notes included photos of what was being presented & screen cuts from soft copies of presentation material.  I was also browsing sites mentioned in the session,  adding tasks,  emailing the occasional bits of material,  looking through presentations in advance to decide what to attend.  And on the way there and back,  checking train times,  listening to podcasts,  checking emails, checking the news and even a phone call.

The LG G flex lasted me the day easily. And more,  this is the best note taking device I've ever used. Pen and paper can be great,  but I end up with lots of notes. I found it faster and more versatile for the range of things I was doing compared to using iPads,  laptops,  and  range of different Android devices (including the whole Note  range, nexus 7,  8", 8.3", 9" and 10.1" sizes).

The g flex fits into my jacket and trouser pockets,  meaning that I didn't have to carry anything around between sessions (papers,  tablets...)


  1. Hi Andrew. Just listened to the latest phones show chat and great to hear you on there. You mentioned you bought you LG flex from a Korean website. I was wondering if you can post the link to the website please. Thanks. @movershaker

    1. hi there, I got the Korean model from eBay (from a Hong Kong company- I can dig out the name if you like, but everything went smoothly). Having a quick look there are several companies there with a range of prices (including from the UK now that it's starting to be available as upgrades for people). Not sure if you've bought from ebay but a couple of points worth bearing in mind:
      1) Duty is payable for imports (see
      2) Warranty of out of region purchases may be more of an issue (I've had two warranty attempts in the past- one with HTC who replaced things immediately, I was very impressed. Another with Samsung who said it was water damage and not covered (I wasn't so impressed)- both though were for UK purchases.
      3) make sure the model number is ok for your needs. I got the F340 which is fine for 4g on Three and EE. But won't for example, work on Vodafone or O2.I think the European model is D955 - but worth double checking frequencies.
      4) The flex isn't perfect - I put a blog post on some of the areas for improvements. But I use this a lot now (using it for about 2 months now)- and prefer it over any other phone/phablet I've had. Does depend on your needs!