Wednesday, 19 March 2014

LG G pad 8.3 initial impressions

Initial impressions after a couple of hours with the lg g pad 8.3:
  • Overall initial impression
    • Nice hardware, bit under specified with an ok(ish) screen. I prefer it over the galaxy tabs that I've used so far (not tried the 2014 ones yet). It's noticeably behind the ipad mini retina- but it is cheaper and it's one of the better mid sized tablets. The nexus 8.9 could knock this into touch,  although this  8.3  is fine to hold
    • It has a larger screen than the g flex,  but in every way that matters to me I prefer my LG G Flex and Ipad air & retina mini over this G pad. 
  • Positive points
    • Nice to hold (and makes the g flex seem small!).
    • Good build quality 
    • Decent sized screen
    • Comfortable to hold and type on in landscape (I prefer this over the nexus 7, which was a bit narrow in landscape for me. In fact it's a pleasure to type on in landscape).
    • Nice use of screen estate for settings, having the menu of the left
    • Soft key customisation (including notification pull down icon is useful, and there's a five button option)
    • Text is decent,  though put next to the iPad and you see the difference 
    • My daughter loves the marshmallow theme
  • Not so positive
    • Camera is not something to write home about
    • External speaker quality  should be a lot better,  it's muddy
    • Battery drains faster than I was expecting 
    • Lag to sharpen text when resize in a browser (very similar to what I had with the Samsung tabs I've tried so far)
    • Double tap to turn on doesn't work as well as it does compared to the g flex
    • The option that exists on my g flex to hide the soft keys in selected apps (under settings/display/advanced) is missing on the g pad (as it is on the g2). This seems a strange omission.
    • The off button is in the wrong place for me for landscape when using a case.
    • The settings icon in in the notification panel isn't there (like the g2 but unlike the g flex)
    • To hold it more comfortably in portrait, an indentation or textured area on the middle of the back where the index finger sits would be useful (I miss the lg button on the back!) NB put an ivso  wrap around case on and it's easier to hold
    • Could do with more brightness 
    • I'd have preferred the lg logo to be at the bottom, just to be consistent with the g flex (until I put a case on I kept picking the g pad up the wrong way round) 
  • Additional thoughts
    • Like all lg devices I've tried, changing the system font to serif looks better

Asphalt 8 test - this gets hot near the LG logo.  Game play is average.  Seriously worse than using the iPad air and Ipad retina mini.  Bit worse than the nook hd+ (surprisingly),  similar to the tab.  Nexus 7 is better. 

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