Sunday, 16 March 2014

my favourite android apps (at the moment!)

I was thinking today, if I had to name my top android apps what would they be? Based on a mix of how much I use them and which ones I enjoy the most, here are my top 10 android apps (apart from email, social media, google and browser apps):

  1. Ever note, for note taking. Syncs across android, ios and Windows (and google Keep for shorter lists)
  2. Business tasks - after trying lots of differnt to- do apps I settled on this due to the ability to have several widgets with different categories of tasks (eg for different projects). And it syncs (through google tasks) with other android devices and IOS (using go tasks).
  3. Pocket casts Sync podcast listening across android and ios.
  4. Rail planner live - so I know which platform to go to in the morning and evening! Other great London commuting apps: city mapper (gives me the quickest way to get from a to b- including by parachute & tells me the weather at my destination), bus checker (is it worth waiting for a bus or walking?)
  5. Audible- great way to pass the commuting time!
  6. Flip board- for tech news (I used Google Currents and a few others but I always come back to flipboard).
  7. Power toggles, means I can put speed dials on my notification drop down, and can control things like blue tooth, wifi toggles etc with one click
  8. Amazon MP3 player -I use this to down load music from amazon- onto android and ios. I usually use the music player provided on the phone- which usually sound better and have  better features than amazon's (eg playing flac & ogg).  Sometimes, I use poweramp (great for increasing the volume), and am having a dabble with media monkey (having used it on my pc for ages). 
  9.  Kobo (and kindle) apps- I prefer the functionality of the kobo app over the kindle and some ebooks are cheaper on kobo, though most are cheaper on kindle.
  10. Smash hit- fantastic game for android and ios (where the immersiveness of the curve of the LG G Flex comes into its own). This will probably change soon (used to be asphalt 8)

    Others for an honourable mention: nova launcher (used on most of my android devices except the g flex), and the bbc iPlayer

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