Friday, 7 March 2014

Benefits of the LG curve

I've had a few people ask me about the curve of the lg flex 'is it supposed to be like that', 'that looks cool', 'why is it curved'.. most people once they pick it up can feel the benefit of the curve for holding a large phone (and with the back button, easier to turn on/off and get to the volume and scroll keys)- mostly it's note 3 owners who when trying my flex have commented on the benefit.

Below are a few of thethings about the flex's curve that have stood out as I've used it over the last several weeks. Whilst I would have preferred a more pure white display, this is definitely a 'keep' (unlike the nexus 5, Sony z1 compact, note 3, s4, Samsung Mega, Nokia 1520, htc one max ...

1) the curve makes the flex more comfortable to hold in portrait, and in landscape (especially useful when reviewing documents, holding it one handed, or playing games, holding it two handed).

2) Better on screen writing experience- the feel of the screen and the curve makes the flex great for writing on- I write a lot, using the swype keyboard (swift key has better prediction for next words but isn't as accurate). I use the mini keyboard option, which pushes the keyboard to the side which means I can also jot down quick notes one handed.

3) The curve reduces glare- the flex is quite bright (despite some backgrounds having a grayish hue), and I can read things outdoors- one of the better outdoor reading experiences.

4) The curve, and rounded corners means the flex fits very comfortably into my pockets, whether trouser, jacket or coat.

5) Using the external speaker- the flex has a loud speaker (better quality than my note, worse quality than the htc one). I tend to place the phone screen down do the speaker is facing up. The curve means there's no risk of the screen being scratched by the surface. Having the volume keys on the back also helps as I don't have to pick up the phone to change the volume.

6) Playing games feels more immersive (small but noticeable effect eg cupboard to playing asphalt 8 on my note 3).

The flex could certainly be better, but this has the best battery life I've come across, and it is more of a personal digital assistant than most phones I've used, making me change my use of tablets.

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