Friday, 7 March 2014

styluses revisited- the perfect combo for writing: jot script, Swype keyboard, lg flex

Update: got a Wacom Bamboo Duo Stylus (£10 on amazon). A really nicely balanced stylus - rubber tipped at one end, biro at the end, with a jacket pocket clip.

I've had mixed experiences with styluses over the years. I used them on resistive screens on Symbian phones in the past with some success (eg Sony p910 & w960), on my note 1, note 2 (several quality issues with that stylus:( ) & note 3. However, I find them a bit fiddly, more so with the button on the note 3. I've used wire mesh headed styluses on android & ios tablets, which were ok (though I don't do much in the way of graphics work, though they were good for mind maps). I used a stylus on a laptop for handwriting recognition which worked well (except Windows isn't optimised for stylus use). So overall, mixed experiences that have never really stuck, resulting in a collection of different styluses.

However, I might give styluses another shot- the reason? The jotscript stylus; android slide keyboards and the lg flex.

I got hold of a jot script stylus to try on the iPad. It works quite well for simple notes and sketches (in penultimate). However, whilst I wasn't overly wowed by the experience, I was impressed by the weight, feel and size of the jot script and I wondered how this would work on an android device. It's brilliant! It's like writing with a proper pen, using the Swype keyboard (and swift key). I prefer the experience to using the note 3 stylus on the note (I don't need all the extra functionality the s pen gives). And on the lg flex it's an even better experience. The surface of the curve is better for writing on, helped by the curve screen- whether holding the phone in one hand and writing or having the phone on the table and writing (like I am now).

If only the jot script had a clip to make it easier to carry in a jacket pocket, the option of a retractable ink nib for writing on paper and had an inbuilt rechargeable battery, rather than using an AAA battery.

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