Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Note 3 reprise?

Over the past few days I've carried on using the note 3, and it's growing in me. The note 3 screen is gorgeous to look at,  helped by its size (though I'd have preferred a mega size note). Touching the screen gives a slight buzz, making it slightly uncomfortable (even with haptic feedback turned off). As a result I'm using the stylus more, especially for writing using a slide keyboard. 
The note is cumbersome to use one handed -the g2 is much more practical and has a great screen. But if I have the option to use two hands for a while (eg writing longer articles like use) i use thenote andthe stylus (a longer, less fiddly stylus would be good).
Outdoors, I can read the note's screen in sunlight. It's not as good as the g2 but a huge improvement over the s4.
Audio on the note 3 is decent, thigh a bit dry compared to the g2 and well behind the HTC one.
Photos on the note 3 are great - better outdoors than the HTC one.  There's not a lot to choose between the g2 and note 3 cameras, they're both very good (the g2's optical image stabilisation and  'dedicated' camera button (press volume button down for a few secs when the display is off) mean I find the g2 camera more practical).
Battery life is great, not as good as the LG G2 but very good.
The split screen mode is great, and whilst LG's mini windows is more versatile in many ways, I do like Samsung's ability to create your own pairs of apps to have in the side bar (NB there's a 'floating apps' app from the play store-means most android phones can have multiple windows- not just Samsung and LG).
I'm using the note 3 more and more, largely due to the size and stylus for writing.  It'll be interesting to compare this to the lg g flex.

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