Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lg g2 a few days in‏

The g2 has replaced my trusty HTC one!! 
This g2 is one of the best phones I've used in years. 
-the size and screen are brilliant. The best compromise for size and one handed use for me. Changing the system font to Serif makes text pin sharp- ideal for browsing and reading (and the volume keys in the back for scrolling are easier to use than any other device I've used.
- I love the key positioning on the back. Unbelievably more practical  than on the side! 
-battery life is amazing. I got home with 60% still available. HTC would typically be 35% and the s4 about 20% at this stage.
-When the phone is off you press the up volume for a couple of seconds to get the camera, down volume for doing a note, amazingly handy!
-I thought I'd need the 32gb version (I might still) but so far have stayed within the limits of the 16gb version (available new for £345 SIM free)
-audio is very good on decent head phones (external speaker is a bit quiet but using the power amp app resolves that)
-camera is very good

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