Friday, 17 January 2014

Note 3 a few days on, rating 7/10

Not keen on the note 3- it needs two hands most of the time, in which case I may as well go for a larger device (I preferred the Samsung mega over the note 3). There are some efforts to try to improve one handed use, like the ability to reduce the active screen size, so the active display, for example, can be the same size as an HTC mini. However, getting to this mode is fiddly (swift swipe to one side and then the other- an icon on the bottom to get to this mode would be better). Even in full screen mode Samsung could do a lot more to make it easier to reach buttons such as switch settings with one hand. And, I need to juggle the phone in my hand to get to the on/off and volume buttons. similar to the slight juggle that the HTC one's top mounted on/off switch requires. LG's approach of the buttons on the back and button in the bottom row to bring down the notification bar is considerably easier and faster. The note 3 is too small for me for using the stylus, and taking it out to use takes longer than using a finger. I'd use a stylus on a tablet or larger phablet like the Mega (shame Samsung haven't got a 6.3 note).

When I'm commuting I need the ability to use the phone one handed. I use my phone a lot for note taking e.g. in meetings. And I've found that the LG G2 is considerably more practical for my usages (especially since I will use a larger tablet or laptop for more intensive content creation and review, where I need a large screen).

The note 3's plus points for me are its lightness and screen size, but these are outweighed by the discomfort of using it compared to the g2 which has a decent screen size, and the note 3's overall tacky feel.

So for my usages, my overall rating of the note 3 is 6.5/10.

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