Friday, 31 January 2014

Lg flex wins out over the note 3

After several days of using the LG flex alongside the note 3, I've found myself increasingly preferring it over the note 3. The main reasons being:
  • The smooth, organic design feels more enjoyable to hold than the note 3's rigid slab (in landscape as well as portrait mode). 
  • The larger screen makes reviewing documents easier (despite the note 3 having more dpi and richer colours). 
  • The flex's multi windows approach & screen cutting ability are more useful on the larger screen (and more versatile than the Note 3's).
  • It feels more enjoyable to write on than the Note (I use a slide keyboard).
  • The flex has better features for using the phone one handed (including the buttons on the back).

I get a sense of enjoyment using the flex that I don't using the note 3. And so I'll replace my corporate note 3 for something smaller and use the flex (which has also replaced my use of a small tablet).

The flex could be better- this fits my hand very well, but I could get used to something larger eg nexus7 size- with the curve. Under some light conditions there's a slight blueish hue (bit like the note 2); the back attracts a bit of dust (unlike the note, though the Sony z1 compact is worse, attracting dust to the back and front):  Sony waterproofing would be great in this weather (though the flex feels very tough); a sharper screen would have been great and an external speaker, HTC quality, would have rounded things off nicely.

This is an excellent phone/mini tablet, and I now appreciate the benefits of the curve which feels great in landscape and portrait. This has now become my main device!

The reaction of other people had been interesting. I had a couple of people say 'why have a curve' - until they held it and had a play. Even a Samsung rep said he liked it (but added that Samsung would be bringing out similar curves). One person wasn't very impressed (an iPhone user), but others liked the feel a lot. When I mentioned the screen resolution most people were surprised, saying they thought it looked higher resolution.

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