Sunday, 6 July 2014

Using the Samsung note 8

I've been using the note 8 for a few days now.  It needs a better screen,  much better battery life and needs to run cooler.  On the plus side the stylus is great on a screen this size and its smartphone ability is handy. However,  though I'm enjoying using this with the stylus, there are better tablets already available, or wait for a new Samsung note 8.
  • The stylus works much better on the Note 8 that the smaller Note 3; in part due to the larger screen,  but also because of the larger stylus.
  • It can act as a smartphone: able to take a phone sim card, to use the simcards's data,  voice or sms
  • Screen resolution is OK,  as long as you're not comparing it to anything like the LG g pad 8.3, or any retina iPad
  • Battery life is poor (and it isn't good at holding onto its charge when not being user
  • It gets hot (and worse, it gets hot where you hold the tablet if using it in portrait and if you're right handed)
  • If you use almost any other decent device, the relatively poor resolution becomes very,  very apparent.
  • As a tablet it's expensive (though if you're using it as a phone then it's not so bad)
  • Freezes every so often (about once a day).  Seems to be when switching from landscape to portrait. 
  • The back is slippery. That doesn't help with holding it
  • The number of apps that can work in split screen mode is limited. And the lack of LG's mini windows doesn't help productivity
  • The screen is a bit of a smudge magnet
  • Would be nice if it had the standard Google buttons in the standard layout, or at least had configurable buttons
  • It starts to feel uncomfortable after a while if holding one handed. In part this is the weight,  but also the width (the Note 8 is noticeably wider than the LG gPad 8.3, despite the latter having a larger display).
  • It doesn't help that the Note gets hot,  nor the buttons on the bottom which mean you can't easy hold it in the bottom rather than the side without pressing something).

  • It can take an sd card (not a benefit for me due to corporate security restrictions)
  • Touchwiz on this is further from Android than most manufacturer's skins.  Luckily there's Nova launcher. (There's also more bloatware to disable on this than previous tablets I've had).
  • The speaker has volume but clarity is poor compared to most tablets &  phablets that I've used

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