Friday, 20 June 2014

1520— it's also a great games machine

I've played games on various phones and phablets (smash hits, temple run, more cerebral games...). However,  I've usually reached for my tablet if I want or play games.  Last night I played fifa 2014 on the Nokia 1520  (a subconscious reaction to England going out of the world cup perhaps). It was an excellent experience (the 1520) and every game I've tried on it has been enjoyable; better than any other phablet,  and better in some ways than tablets I've used. The 1520 has a gorgeous screen:  it feels great to the touch,  colours are natural and have depth,  and there's no sign of pixels. The external speaker of the 1520 is very good (the HTC one max being one of the few phablets to better it), and the 1520 feels great in the hand and the size works well for using two thumbs.
I'm surprised at how many decent games are free. And Windows phone has a longer 'before you buy' than Android or ios.
The gflex is still more practical. It's lighter and I can easily use it one handed... But there is something special about the 1520-which is more towards the tablet end of the phablet spectrum.

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