Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lg g flex fully replaces my g2, HTC one, note 3

After a few weeks, the g flex has pushed out the g2, HTC one and note 3 as my main phone-and tablet.

Ignore the fuss about flexible screen, self healing case- the main advantages of this are the screen size and the feel of the phone in my hand, helped by the curve, button on the back and features that make this useable one handed(!) though usually two handed. Together with a long lasting battery this is great for browsing, editing, games, watching video, using for navigation (bright screen helps enormously)... and it feels very sturdy (doesn't need cosseting, like some devices).

It's not perfect- the screen is sharp enough for me to read with, but I'd have preferred more sharpness and the white that it displays so well in photos could be available on all screens (by east of comparison it's better than the note 2 and Samsung Mega). Also, the sound quality whilst better than most isn't htc quality.

Now I need to clear out a cupboard of phones!

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