Saturday, 15 February 2014

IPhone 5s, a pleasure to use

I picked up an iPhone 5s today. I'd almost forgotten how seamless the iPhone experience can be compared to most android phones. The double press of the home key to get the audio controls; the flick up in an app to get to the main settings and most of all being able to use my finger print rather than have to use a pin is great. Audio quality is very good, not htc, but on headphones better than most top end android phones. Camera is consistently good across a range of situations, and being able to use a phone easily in one hand is refreshing (and it's light at 112g).
Having to carry two phones, this is a great partner phone to use alongside the LG g flex.

(And I prefer the 5s over the z1 compact, due to weight, width and easier to get to the apps etc I need. However, I do miss the double tap to turn on/off and the on/off button on the back of the phone!).

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