Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Blackberry Priv- day 2 impressions

Following on from my day 1 impressions:

Day 2 impressions pretty much the same as day 1. Love the feel of the device and the keyboard is superb (onscreen and physical). It has more character than a lot of slabs. But the audio experience is a major issue for me.

For editing documents this is unbeatable for a smartphone. The whole screen for editing! A quick double tap and I have cursor control. And press the SYM key on the physical keyboard and you get the symbols onscreen (though it should show the secondary symbol screen with !  £ ?  numbers etc by default,  not the other symbol screen).

Being able to assign short cuts to long presses of the physical keys is great. For example press e to add an event. Press t to add a task...

Also realised that to unlock it you can slide the keyboard down (turns the screen on) and then press the space bar to get to the unlock screen (not sure why couldn't just get to the unlock screen by slidding down).

But audio quality and the positioning of the headphone socket make this a real pain for me. A missed opportunity by not having the headphone socket in the middle of the bottom rather than in the way whilst I'm typing.

It's a brilliant device with great character, but a flaw that impacts my usage. 

(And as if to emphasise the point swiftkey seems even less accurate than usual and I realise how frustrating it is to always correct what's been typed!). 

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