Sunday, 7 September 2014

My favourite mapping apps for 1) Windows Phone 2) iOS and 3) Android

There are lots of great mapping and navigation apps around. I use a lot of public transport (living and working in London). I also like hiking and do a bit of driving. Here are my favourite apps at the moment:

1. For Windows Phone

1a)  For public transport (in and around London):

  • 'Nokia Here Transit'- I like the layout and I've used it happily around London for mixed mode travel (train, tube, walking, bus, tram...).
  • 'London Travel': very handy for disruptions, live departure boards... and handy live tiles
  • 'Bing get me there London': nicely laid out public transport travel features

1b) For walking:

  • 'Outdoor Navigation':
    • supporting Bing, Google maps & Openmaps eg, Opencycle. Also many other maps
    • setting waypoints along your journey
    • voice navigation for walking 
    • shows your geotagged photos on the map 
    • wikipedia map layer (which I really like)
    • you can draw a route and measure it
  • 'Nokia Here Maps'  & 'Bing Maps': downloadable- using the same base info, though showing slightly different aspects)
  • 'GeoGPS': similar to Outdoor Navigation, definitely worth a look

1c) For driving:

  • 'Nokia Here'- great driving instructions (better than Google's instructions when I've compared them in {I'm in the UK})

1d) Other:

  • 'Here Explore Beta' It's great for showing different things things on the map  and subcategories of things to look at (eg under Eating & drinks-Coffee/Tea; Natural or geographical- forest, heath; shopping- electronics...) 
  • 'Google Maps'- using Google maps (Not from Google- possibly produced by some people at Stanford I think)

2. For iOS

2a) For public transport (in and around London):

  • 'City mapper': great UI & functionality
  • 'Bus checker': great for live bus times for your location, and routes
  • 'UK Train times': great for overground trains- providing platform details

2b) For walking

  • 'Apple maps': great for navigation in cities (I prefer this over Google map directions)
  • 'ViewRanger': great for hiking

2c) For driving

  • 'Apple maps'

3. For Android

3a) For public transport (in and around London):

  • 'City mapper': great UI & functionality
  • 'Bus checker': great for live bus times for your location, and routes
  • 'National Rail enquiries': great for overground trains- providing platform details

3b) For walking

  • 'Google maps': for directions in cities
  • 'ViewRanger': great for hiking

3c) For driving

  • 'Google maps'

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