Wednesday, 21 May 2014

macbook pro convert!

After years of being a 'PC person' (from MS & PC DOS, through windows 3.1, and beyond, to windows 7 and 8), I eventually decided to give a mac a go. It's been at the back of my mind for a while. I've had ipads and their durability,  range of apps and usability have impressed me. I had a stint with an iphone 4s and was very impressed (and now back to using an iphone 5s- having been mostly an android user, though I am still using android alongside IOS).

Anyway, back to this macbook pro retina- it is difficult to put into words just how good this is compared to any other laptop I've had before. Most recently a lenovo yoga, and before that various samsung laptops, sony, acer, HP, Toshiba... (of which my favourites at the time included the samsung q45 and a sony vaio). Anyway, this macbook beats all of those. The following reasons stand out:

  • the trackpad- responsive, practical and feels good. I've had touch screen laptops- but this trackpad obviates the need for that (I've used styluses on laptops & am using still them regularly on tablets- I'm using this macbook as a laptop and I don't miss a stylus) 
  • Screen quality- this is a pleasure for viewing, browsing... (not too surprising given it is a retina display)
  • keyboard- after the lenovo this is so so much better!
  • general hardware- this feels well build, durable and a quality feel that comes from attention to detail (I'm starting to sound like an apple marketeer! But after some of the so-so hardware I've had the difference is noticeable. As an example press the screen and it doesn't wobble (unlike some of my previous laptops). Also it doesn't overheat my lap and no sound of fan whirring away.
  • Audio quality- when I first played music on this I had to look to see where the sound was coming from - it sounds very good and that makes watching videos even more of an enjoyable experience
  • battery life: what can I say- this beats my previous laptops by some way
  • Mac OS: feels integrated and intuitive- time to get used to this after windows, a few days if that 
  • versatility: using parallels I can use windows on this macbook- and the experience is better than on my previous laptops. It also gave me the opportunity to run chromeOS on this mac (and android though that's not great)
  • I'm sure there's more but this is easily the best laptop I've ever had and well worth the price difference (which for what I was after wasn't as much as I was expecting compared to the windows laptops I'd been looking at- and, touch wood, this feels like it would outlast the ones I was looking at as well as providing a more enjoyable experience along the way)

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