Monday, 21 April 2014

What orientation do I hold my phone

After a recent discussion that touched on one handed phone use,  I decided to
actively pay attention to how I hold my phones.

For the gflex:
Portrait: 75% (70% one handed, 30% two handed).
Landscape: 25% (25% one handed, 75% two handed. The one handed use mainly whilst watching video)

iPhone 5s and htc one:
Portrait: 95% (60% one handed, 40% two handed)
Landscape: 5% (10% one handed, 90% two handed)

So overall,
Gflex: one handed 59%
IPhone & htc One one: 58%

I was surprised that I was using the larger gflex more one handed than the smaller phones. Thinking it it's the back button on the flex and a couple of other features to support one handed use that lead to this. And with the smaller phones two handed use helps with being able to see the screen better when typing- though I do considerably more typing on the flex)

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